Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thoughts About Sotanghon or Vermicelli

Even though the noodles are long, this blogpost is short.
          My co-worker gave me one of those cup of noodles, only, this was a bowl of noodles. It was not just any plain noodles but it was vermicelli, or what we call in the Philippines as sotanghon. Well decades ago, you can only buy those from the town I was born in - Jolo. It was only available there because they were smuggled from Borneo. Smuggling of foreign goods at the time were illegal of course but the authorities turned a blind eye on the practice. Whenever people from Jolo visited relatives and friends in other cities, sotanghon was always an excellent present to bring. For visitors in town, it was almost a must have to take back home. Never in my wildest imagination at the time that decades later all you have to do is go to an Asian store, buy disposable bowls of vermicelli, empty the pre-mixed ingredients into the bowl, then just add boiling water. Somehow it no longer feels as special as it used to be.

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