Friday, March 11, 2011

In Search Of… A New Barber

This is going to be a short one: the blog and the hair…

I’ve been looking for a new barber since the one I’ve been going to for the last 20 years is getting ready to retire (I envy him). Whenever I drive around town, I’ve been keeping an eye out for barber shops in the neighborhood. I found one only a few steps from home so I decided to give them a try last Wednesday afternoon. When I got there, I saw two barber chairs but only one barber was present. He had just returned from his lunch break and lucky for me, he had no appointments waiting. From what I gather, the two who worked there graduated from the same barber school and decided to be partners in business. He asked me how long it has been since my last haircut and I told him about 4 months (that reminded me of catholic confession when you tell the priest when your last confession was ). Gabe, the barber wanted to know how I would like my hair cut and I started to describe to him what I usually get: short and tight on the sides using a number 1 blade, tapered at the back, and keep the top slightly long. Well, it didn’t turn out quite exactly the way my old time barber used to do. My hair didn’t get butchered but it was cut a little too short for my taste. I didn’t complain though because I knew this was part of the process of the barber learning exactly how the customer prefers it. Besides, in a couple of weeks’ time the semi spiky hair would have settled down. I like my hair short so I don’t have to visit the barber for 3 to 4 months. Anyway, short and spiky hair beats not having hair at all, thanks to minoxidil.

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