Wednesday, May 26, 2010

American Idol 2010 Finale

Great American Idol Finale show tonight! In my opinion, based on yesterday’s performances, it was an upset, but then again this is a popularity contest. Most of the time, if you listen closely, Lee Dewyze is off key or maybe that’s just because I have bad hearing. All I can say is that Crystal Bowersox had better performances and vocals Tuesday night. But she doesn’t have a pop idol look, so that may have been why she finished second even though it was her better voice that took her to the final two. Lee on the other hand has the looks but seems to have poor communication skills and when he sings, he appears to have no emotional connection to the songs. His face has only one expression.  If I were to choose a winner based on performance and pop idol looks though, I would have picked Siobhan Magnus. It’s too bad she was voted off several weeks ago. Just to let you know, I have not voted since Carrie Underwood won several years ago.
                What I enjoyed most about tonight’s finale were the performances of Christina Aguilera and Janet Jackson. Their voices sounded great! Forget about Lady Gaga and her wardrobe changes. She is still not on the level of Christina and Janet. Just sing it, ladies. Wardrobe malfunction not required.
                Nevertheless, despite being not my choice, I congratulate Lee Dewyze for having more votes than Crystal on this night. I can only hope he gets better. Otherwise he may fade into obscurity like some other previous winners.

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