Monday, May 17, 2010

May’s Random Thoughts

Did I already write about this? Maybe not, but it reminded me of comment thread on Facebook a few weeks back about reusable bags. This is an experience that I had the other weekend. Although I have a lot of canvas reusable bags, I brought one of the few plastic bags I have left at home to a store to use for whatever I bought. When I presented it to the cashier at the checkstand, she threw it in the trash. I asked her why she did that and she said because it didn’t come from their store. It was hard to believe her reasoning. So I told her I was recycling it and she relented by taking my bag out of the trash and using it for the products I bought. Wow! Have you ever had a similar experience where a store wouldn’t use your bag because it didn’t have their logo?
            I was reading a magazine review of running shorts the other day and it surprised me to see shorts that cost as much as running shoes used to. Speaking of technical running clothes, remember the “wet look” fashion of the 60’s? The fabric is basically the same as today’s technical wear. The only difference is how they weave it.
Growing up in a small town, I had a somewhat sheltered life. Meaning, I wasn’t exposed to too many social activities other than those with close relatives. To add to that, I was and still am an introvert, so that didn’t help. So even though I remember a lot of my classmates in elementary and high school, there are others whom I don’t remember well or at all. Then Facebook came along and reintroduced me to them. Some connections were made through memories but some never connected at all. Sorry about that.
             Being horizontally challenged, I sometimes have difficulty getting blankets for patients when the housekeepers put them on the topmost shelf of the linen room. A few nights back, I summoned the help of the tallest nurse I could find and had to “borrow” her height to get a blanket for me. She was over 6 feet tall.
I’ve always wondered why one of the fingers on my left hand was slightly bent and it has been hurting when I try to straighten it out. That reminded me that it was a volleyball injury in my younger years when I hyperextended it and it’s now giving me pain 30 years later. Little things you used to ignore eventually catch up with you. Damn age! I couldn’t help but laugh quietly about it.
I passed by a doughnut shop on the way home from work last week and the apple fritter aromas were like siren songs beckoning my name to come closer. I covered my ears and nose and fled the scene of temptation.
Craving something salty then wanting to even it out with something sweet afterwards, I think, is the bane of people who try to watch their diet.
This is what happens when you find a topic and can’t stretch it out. You categorize them under random thoughts. Oh, well…

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