Monday, May 24, 2010

The Shower Fix

               First let me tell you, I’m not a handyperson and can hardly fix things. When it comes to plumbing, you might as well write the word “STUPID” across my forehead. In recent weeks, the stream adjustment on my shower nozzle broke and I’ve been looking for a replacement shower head. I finally went to OSH Hardware Store last Thursday afternoon to look for one. What I found out was that the shower head I had was so old that they don’t make them anymore and the standard size had changed. The salesperson suggested that I go to Plumbing World which was a couple of miles away. Since it was already late and they were closed, I went first thing next morning. They didn’t have the type of shower head either and they suggested that there may be an adapter that I can connect to the tube attached to the wall in my shower, which I can put in a new standardized showerhead. Unfortunately, the one they had was not the correct size for the brand I had. So I went online when I got home to look for it and found one at the Ace Hardware Store website. After the Saturday morning AREC run, I visited the nearest store and with the help of the salesperson there, located the product I needed, which was actually cheaper then the price quoted on their website. In addition, I bought the cheapest showerhead I could find and some Teflon tape as a sealant for the attachments. When I got home, I connected everything and the new showerhead worked perfectly without any leaks. If it works for the next 20 to 30 years like the old one did, I would have gotten more than my money’s worth.
            My personal expenses for this venture: 1 week’s worth of search time, plus shower arm adapter: $4.99, showerhead: $3.79, roll of Teflon tape: $0.99. Savings: approximately $50.00 for not calling a plumber. Surprising what a little bit of resourcefulness can do. If you can please wipe the word “STUPID” off my forehead now. Thank you.

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