Thursday, May 13, 2010

A New But Different PR

About three minutes into my run in a quiet neighborhood Thursday morning, something suddenly froze me in my tracks. Two large loose dogs were running towards me at full speed. As quickly as I stopped, they turned around but kept hanging around in the area, so I turned around myself and ran the other way while constantly glancing behind me to make sure they weren’t following. I also drew my pepper spray from my waistband and gave it a test squirt to make sure it still worked (note: I've never used it on animals or humans but I carry it for protection if the need comes up). That might be the closest in recent memory that I could have been mauled by man’s best friend. I don’t know where they came from. Someone probably forgot to close their gate and the dogs escaped. Forty minutes later in another neighborhood, another dog chased me, but this time it looked like a teacup poodle which ran beside me while constantly yapping. Thankfully, it didn’t take a nip on my ankles as I kept imploring it to go back home. Encountering three loose dogs in a day is something that doesn’t happen often and in my case never at all. The most I’ve met were two, so today I broke my personal record for loose dog encounters. For them, chasing is probably play, but to me, I’m thinking I might be a snack for them to nosh on.

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