Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Looking For a High

                Or as heroin addicts call it: chasing the dragon, but for different reasons that runners pursue their sport for a high. Heroin is a narcotic and something that numbs pain which is the nature of its high. Runners on the other hand look for their high even when their pain causes additional pain. In a way, they are both forms of addiction where your body craves for more as time goes on. For heroin addicts, the extract of the poppy plant, and for runners, the endorphins that the body produces.
                When endorphins kick in during a run, minor aches and pains magically disappear and if your body can catch up with the healing process, so much the better. But for some people like me whose injury doesn’t heal and can only get worse, the endorphin high is a welcome temporary relief even though I tend to suffer more pain when the high wears off. I wish I could bottle the stuff. I know I’m not the only one who practices this self torture in search of a high because other injured runners can easily identify with it. We are after all a bunch of endorphin junkies.
                Just like the heroin addict looking for his next fix, I crave my body’s natural drug so I can get a high off it during the times that I am able to run, because it makes the pain more bearable. My name is Noel and I’m an addict… but I get high legally.

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