Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Embarrassing Juice Exchange

A few days ago at work at around 11 P.M., I found a box of Kool Aid drinks in a room where we do patient admissions. It wasn’t labeled with anybody’s name or how long it had been there. It could have belonged to a patient or staff. But since it was not labeled, it was considered public domain, so I passed it around and offered some to my coworkers until just three remained out of a box of ten.
The next morning, one of the day shift staff asked if we saw a box of Kool Aid that she had forgotten to put away the day before for a patient. With much embarrassment, I admitted that I had offered it to everyone on the night shift until there were only three left. Fortunately, I had a box of similar drinks (Capri Sun) in my car so I gave it up as a replacement for what we consumed the previous night. The patient actually had a net gain of two extra containers of drinks when all was done. I hope she didn’t mind too much that it wasn’t the same flavor.
And now, a follow up. I was off from work for one night and when I returned, I asked a day shift staffmember if the patient had any questions about her replacement drinks. The patient apparently didn’t notice the difference. Whew!!! I’m still slightly red in the face.

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EDLIM said...

Hi Noel, this reminds me of a funny incident while responding to a flood calamity call in the interior of Sabah. We were so engrossed unloading goods from the car that I didn't even realize I unloaded my friends shoes as well which was also wrapped in a plastic bag. When we stopped by a restaurant for a drink he was looking high-&-low for it. Since I did all the unloading, I had to admit that it must have been included in the relief goods. Anyway when he reached home, he found out his son who left for London had left his 2 pairs of shoes for him.
Just remember if we didn't do it intentionally there's always amount of grace to get us out the situation. God Bless!

Noel DLP said...

Hi Ed, your story was much funnier than mine although costlier than the juice I gave away. I'm sure the recipient appreciated those shoes very much :)