Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Evolution of Virgin Mobile Phones

Most people who have used cell phones through the years have gone through different iterations and sizes of the device, not to mention what services they have subscribed to. Cell phones started out large, got smaller and smaller until it got to candy bar size and now they have started getting bigger and heavier again to accommodate all the electronics.
 I myself have been using what I consider lower tech gadgets from the Virgin Mobile prepaid service all these years and I’d like to show you the different phones I’ve had from the start to present time. I didn’t upgrade every time they came out with a new phone, of course, and probably kept each model I had for about two years. This year, Virgin Mobile finally came out with a couple of semi-smart phones in the form of the LG Rumor Touch and a Blackberry model. As a self present for my birthday, I acquired the LG Rumor Touch which is the first touch screen model for Virgin Mobile. I didn’t really need it since I don’t surf the web or use Facebook and Twitter on my cell phone, but it was my birthday and it was on sale at Best Buy. It is also my first phone with a full keyboard which makes it easier for me to add contacts and send text messages even though I’m don’t do SMS that often. In any case, it is there if ever I need it.
 So here are some pictures of the Virgin Mobile cell phones I’ve used through the years. I’m not a reviewer so I’m not even going to attempt to describe what these phones can or cannot do. Of course feel free to look them up on the web if you are interested to find out what functions they have or in the case of the older ones, what they had.

The Virgin Mobile Party Animal

I don't remember the name of this model

The Marble

The Slice

The Shuttle

and finally, the LG Rumor Touch

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arshad said...

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Noel DLP said...

Hi Arshad, thanks for visiting and commenting.

superlative said...

That second one's a Lobster. I loved my Lobster! I don't know why I'm commenting on this blog post from 7 years ago.

Noel DLP said...

LOL! Thanks superlative :)