Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Quo Vadis, Noel?

Under normal circumstances I would have been running Monday morning. Instead I could only wish that I was. My old crazy self would be out on the roads regardless of how my ankles were feeling, you know, the “no guts, no glory” attitude. My new crazy self is telling me to be more conservative and do something else so I can heal and preserve my tendons. I already mentioned in last Sunday’s post that my left ankle was hurting after 6 miles and although it disappeared after a few minutes, the pain reappeared while at rest and when I was doing my balance exercises at home.
So I’m now at a crossroads about running once again. With the pain I’m experiencing on my left ankle indicating a likelihood of PTTD (posterior tibialis tendon dysfunction), I have to decide whether to keep on running and hope that it would work itself out, or stop running altogether hoping the pain wouldn’t progress any further, with the possibility that it might still heal. As far as the right ankle is concerned, that tendon has been given up for lost a long time ago. If I keep on running, I might damage and lose the left one too, and well, I might as well be physically disabled if that happens. I know it sounds so doom and gloom, but this ailment being a progressive disease, I am just stating reality.
I haven’t run since last Saturday so I know I’m losing some conditioning already. I fear that if I try to run, my left ankle would get worse. I even have pain when I walk too much. Where do I go from here? I have a variety of cross training aerobic exercises that I rely on so I know I am capable of staying in shape, but none gives me the pleasure and satisfaction of finishing a run. What do I do from this point on? I wish the answer was as simple as giving up running. People who love to run know it’s not.

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