Sunday, June 27, 2010

No Splatter Run

So what was different about Saturday’s run? There was nothing very significant about it except that as I approach my danger zone as the runs go longer, I have to start running more conservatively to save my ankles. I did my solo warm up covering 1.6 miles, then stuck with the 10 minutes per mile pacers with AREC the whole way for 9 miles even though they started the first mile a little bit faster. I could tell by perceived effort that the pace was around 9:40. The pace remained more consistent the rest of the away at about 9:50. Our pacer, Allison, said that she found it hard to hold back her pace because she is used to running a little bit faster, but she appreciated the fact that her body didn’t feel as fatigued afterwards with the deliberate slowdown.
I was running pretty well until my left ankle started to have a sharp pain at about 6.5 miles, but that worked itself out after a half mile. The regular pain on my bad right ankle soon followed but I was able to tolerate it until the finish. For some reason, when we hit 2nd St. bridge, I found another gear. I like pushing the pace on that bridge whether I’m running alone or with others. It’s like one last effort on a short hill before the finish knowing that there is only a half mile left from the apex of the bridge.
There was a noticeable difference at Saturday’s AREC run after all. My eyeglasses had no splatter because I didn’t get to blow my nose while surrounded by the ladies.  I’m sure they appreciate not being exposed to that grossness. People I’ve run with already know about the nose blowing and I usually apologize to them ahead of time.
The next day I’m having the usual pain on the right ankle, but I don’t like how the left side is feeling. Despite running a deliberately easier pace, the cumulative miles still batter my ankle tendons. Sigh! These darn ankles are too much drama!

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Sophie-Chantal said...

Noel, your posts always leave me with a smile on my face! The picture is hilarious! I hope your right ankle feels better today!