Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shredded Tire, Anyone?

On my way home from work Sunday morning, I took the freeway since it was not busy. There I was driving leisurely on a wide open freeway following a van. Just as I was about to exit, I saw some debris hit my windshield, and then I noticed that the front right tire of the van ahead of me was shredding to pieces! Good thing I wasn’t following too close. The driver of the van managed to pull over to the shoulder of the road without losing control of the vehicle. Lucky for him for not losing control, lucky for me for seeing the problem from a distance, and lucky for both of us for part of the freeway we were in being devoid of other cars. Whew! The van’s tires must have been retreads because I’ve never seen a tire shredding to pieces like it did. It's not the kind of excitement I'd like to have especially when my day is winding down and I'm about to go to bed. Well, at least nobody got hurt.

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