Friday, July 30, 2010

Another Workout Dilemma

To ride? To walk? To ride stationarily? After much debate in my mind, I decided to have an outdoor ride. But where to ride? The criterium course in Bixby Knolls? The Los Angeles River Bike Path? On the street? Or back to the San Gabriel River Bike Path? I chose the last option and took my bike there in the car. This requires me to take the front wheel off so the bike would fit in the car but since I have quick release wheels, it’s a snap. As soon as I loaded the bike in the car, I realized that I forgot my helmet so I had to go back upstairs to get it, because I wouldn’t dare not wear it, so I can protect whatever grey matter is left in my noggin.
 Like last week, I started at Liberty Park going towards Seal Beach but this time I entered and went around El Dorado Park. I did the same thing on the way back and that added about half an hour to the ride. I deliberately tried not to push the pace this time because I wanted to exceed the one hour workout that I usually do and this was supposed to be an easy day. To reach my goal of an hour and a half, I had to add an extra mile at the end too. My pace was also slower at 15 MPH and I only covered 22.5 miles. Four more miles and I’d be ready for the Long Beach Marathon Bike Tour in October since I doubt if I’ll be running or even walking it.
Adding just an extra half hour to the ride has made my legs moderately sore but my ankles appreciate the absence of the impact of running, so even though I’m still experiencing some pain, it doesn’t feel as bad. Other than the soreness, I noticed something new when I stepped in the shower when I got home. The tan lines of my legs which used to be slightly lower than mid-thigh, have gotten lower to the point where my bike shorts end, which is closer to the knees.
On the way back I saw Brian C. running but just like Diane last week, I don’t think he recognized me with my helmet on even when I said hi to him. I'll have to clean the bike because I picked up a lot of fresh grass clippings in El Dorado Park because the grass was being mown while I was there. There were a lot more cyclists on the bike path today and maybe because the sun was out earlier and it was warmer. Sun out early = new lower tan line.
Oh by the way, before this gets buried in the “blog ideas” file: I wanted to try running at the Long Beach City College rubberized track last week to find out how my ankles would feel on the softer surface, or at least walk up and down the bleachers as my workout for that day but the gate was locked. Well, so much for that. It was back home to the stationary bike.

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