Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Easy Rider

Well I finally reached an hour and slightly beyond for a bike ride on a cool and overcast Tuesday morning. Since I experienced that outer left thigh pain last Saturday, I deliberately pedaled on lower gears while trying to maintain a steady cadence so as to decrease the strain on the knees and thighs. It appears to have worked pretty well because I don’t feel that I aggravated the injury ever though there was a slight pain afterwards. After a warm up circle of the Virginia Country Club area, I ventured out to the Los Angeles River bike path to find out how long it would take to reach downtown Long Beach. It didn’t take too long from where I entered the path on Willow Street. I reached the end of the bike path downtown in only about 15 minutes. I wasn’t prepared to explore further so I turned around to go back home. The bike path itself was very well paved with asphalt with brief sections of concrete underneath bridges.
I haven’t done a lot of street riding yet because I feel that I need to learn to control the bike better. I also haven’t used my Garmin GPS so I don’t know how far I have ridden or what my average speed has been. For now, just riding for elapsed time is enough.
On the butt front (huh?!), it appears like my rear end is adjusting a bit better to riding, although I have to do a few split second stand-ups to relieve pressure from the saddle. I am expecting a pair of cushioned bike shorts in the mail which I ordered online and I hope the shorts will make my rides a bit more comfortable and a better experience.
Tuesday’s ride with the lower gears felt almost too easy cardiovascularly because I never got short of breathe, so I added another half hour on the recumbent stationary bike when I got home to get my aerobic fix. I’m such a darn endorphin addict and I just got to have it whichever way I can!

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