Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What a Bunch of Horse S..t

No photo on this post because I wish to spare you the grossness. Another bike ride blog since running is not a part of my life any more.

While some of my friends were in San Francisco to run the full or half marathon, I was out on the Los Angeles river bike bath dodging horse dung. Let me explain. The bike path runs alongside a horse path and sometimes the horse riders venture on the bike path. I didn’t see any horses on Sunday morning but they left their offerings on the ground for cyclists to roll over. Not just on one lane, mind you, but on both lanes making them virtually undodgeable. Once I passed that portion of the path it was pretty much unobstructed.
I started the ride from home and entered the bike path from Del Amo boulevard, then headed south towards downtown Long Beach. I went slightly past the point where I turned around last week and I saw people waiting to board the boat to Catalina Island at Catalina landing. I then proceeded towards and around the lighthouse, past Pierpoint landing, until I ended near P.F Chang’s at the Pike. The area which is usually teeming with people was bereft of crowds because it was very early in the morning. Since I was afraid I wasn’t going to find my way back knowing how geographically challenged I am, I turned around at that point.
On the way back, a cyclist not looking forward almost collided head on with me. I had to yell “heads up!” to alert him about his drifting into my lane. Other than the horse dung and near collision, it was a rather unremarkable ride. I didn’t feel the same pep in my pedaling on Sunday as I did on Friday. Maybe I was still exhausted from the unplanned time trial.
I just realized a couple of days ago why there is such a big difference in the equipment and the way the bike feels and handles. My previous bikes were touring bikes while this one is a racing bike. Duh! 
            Oh, BTW, I did manage to avoid the pile of shit, and I don't mean the rider who almost collided with me ; )
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