Friday, July 2, 2010

Contemplating Life Without Running

A little bird whispered in my ear earlier this week and said "it's time".
What is the difference between my injury now and what I’ve been having the past 6 years? The PTTD on my right ankle is there forever and I have been able to go on running because my left leg supports most of my weight. As I continue to experience pain on my “good” left ankle, it may be time for me to contemplate a life without running and rewire my brain and body to the possibility of quitting my beloved sport. Not running, after all, is not the end of the world. Life without running is better than life without being able to walk, because if I keep doing what I do despite of the pain, the worsening ankle injuries would definitely affect my ability to walk. It already is. My 30 year love affair with running appears to be ending, and not by my choice.
Now is the time to explore and find a different kind of pleasurable activity, and I’m not talking about sex, ok :D? Will cycling be the answer? I’ve been looking at buying a road bike and have looked for used ones online without success, and visited three bike shops yesterday, one of which was closed. Oh my, the cost of bikes nowadays! It is also time to dig out the old helmet which I have stored in my garage cabinet. Would you believe I still also have a bike pump and tools from when I was still cycling a lot in the 80's?
 This blog may have to be retitled “Thoughts About Life And Not Running”. I haven’t been able to run since last Saturday. Yesterday, I took the first step, literally, to a life sans running and managed a 5 mile walk which took an hour and 20 minutes or 16 minutes per mile pace. My ankles were hurting when I woke up this morning. This past week, I kept on hoping from day to day that the pain would resolve itself, but it hasn’t.
Sigh… a life without running. What a concept.

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