Saturday, July 17, 2010

Right Size Me

More about my new bike. Remember when I was waffling and guessing about what size bike frame would fit me? My main concern was that the bike would be too high for my height, and the top tube of different brands of bikes being straight parallel to the ground or slightly slanted, it was all a guessing game for me. I thought at first I would need a 40 centimeter frame, then 47, and with further research and self measurement, maybe a 52 centimeter frame.
 When I went to the store last week and the salesperson measured me, he took my height and inseam and compared it to the factory dimensions from the bike manufacturer’s catalogue. He figured I would fit in a 54 centimeter frame. To tell you the truth I was very doubtful and thought it was too high for me, but I left it to the expert to decide, because if he was mistaken, he could always return the frame and exchange it for a smaller one. Well, I’ll be darned! When I picked up the bike last Monday and stood over the top tube, there was about an inch of clearance to spare, meaning the salesperson measured me perfectly! He happened to be the one that sold me the bike lock, pump, and spare tube last Wednesday and I complimented him for his perfect choice of bike size for me. He also mounted the pump and lock on the bike. I should have trusted the expert more when he suggested it last week. Even though he doesn’t read this blog, I wanna say: Thank you Aaron from Bellflower Bicycles for doing a great job for me. Among his additional services were 10% off the bike, 20% off the parts, and a free spare tube. A perfect example of good customer service.
I did my second ride yesterday which was a rushed workout because I had things to do, and managed 55 minutes on the sore butt I mentioned in my last post. More on how that ride turned out later. 

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vincent said...

you make bike riding sound interesting. I can't ride a my age 45 you got to is project this learn.....


Noel DLP said...

Hi Vincent, I'm sure you'll pick it up quite easily. This might help:
Thanks for visiting :)