Friday, July 9, 2010

Axons and Dendrites. Say What???

My body’s axons, dendrites, neurons, and synapses are all askew, searching for something that has been missing for two weeks now. They’re wondering “Hey! Where has the running gone to?” Then my ankles remind me “Hey! No more running for you, buddy!” Actually, I'm surprised that I’m doing pretty okay mentally about not being able to run so far, other than those arguing voices in my head.
Finally, I was able to do an outdoor activity on Thursday morning consisting of a 6 mile walk with trekking poles. My workouts in the past two weeks have consisted of the recumbent and upright stationary bikes and the elliptical machine.  A couple of days ago, my rudimentary stairstepper finally broke after many years of use, so I’ve lost that machine from my exercise arsenal. I haven’t used trekking poles since last August but I felt the need to use them to decrease the load slightly off my ankles and to aid balance. Last week when I walked 5 miles, I achieved a pace of 16:03 and on Thursday I got the pace down to 15:23 per mile. It takes awhile for the muscles to get used to a different activity before they can reach optimum function. How did the walk affect my ankles? Well, the pain came and went all day and it was mostly on the left side. The more reason why I can’t run anymore, which really sucks.
I’m still waiting for the bike shop to call me for the arrival of my bike. It’s Friday evening now and since UPS doesn’t deliver on weekends, the bike won’t probably arrive till Monday. Upon checking my cabinets in the garage, I found my old helmet, Kryptonite lock, air pump, tire liners, and an old tire repair kit. For some reason my tire levers are gone. Maybe I had thrown them away inadvertently years ago.
My blogging has gotten so uninspired lately. My latest entries are constructed so poorly that I sometimes cringe when I read them a few days later. I apologize for the poorly written posts.

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