Monday, February 1, 2010

Admiring the Walter Pyramid and Carpenter Center

The Walter Pyramid (top) and the Carpenter Performing Arts Center (bottom)
On my way home from the run last Saturday morning, I had to stop by Runner’s High store on Stearns Street to return something. Since I got there an hour early before their opening time of 10 o’clock, it gave me a chance to take a walk around the neighborhood. A block south lay the California State University Long Beach campus and that was where I headed. I’ve run around that campus numerous times but on this day I got a chance to explore around the perimeter of the Walter Pyramid and the Carpenter Performing Arts Center, two buildings erected only in the past couple of decades. The Walter Pyramid is named after Dr. Mike and Arlene Walter who were big donors to the university. It is what we used to call a gymnasium but is now regarded as an indoor multi-purpose stadium with its own health club. The modern health club is nothing compared to the dank and smelly weight room at my old university. The Carpenter Center is named after Richard and Karen Carpenter of The Carpenters singing duo from the 60’s and 70’s. They were alumni of the university and donors to the center. It was my first time to see the two buildings up close and it struck me how beautiful and massive (specially the Pyramid) they looked. Another thing I enjoyed were the walking paths between buildings in the immediate area of the Pyramid and the Center. I was pretty much alone because it was a non-school day, so I felt very tiny compared to the buildings that surrounded me. It was thoroughly delightful walking around that part of the university campus and it made me miss my college days in the Philippines where I also went to a State University.
So instead of sitting around for an hour in my car doing nothing while waiting for the store to open, I got to explore a couple of local landmarks while getting a little bit more exercise. It was an enjoyable walk indeed.
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Nancy Deprez said...

Nice pics of the campus, Noel! Nice place for a walk indeed.