Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another Harasser or Stalker?

While I was out running last Monday morning, a car stopped ahead of me and waited. I thought it was another case of someone harassing me. I’m thinking – Oh, great! I’m being accosted by another weirdo who is going to harass me like what happened several years ago. Back then, I was wearing running tights during the cold winter months, and you know when a man wears tights, it might show a little bump in the middle front part of the lower extremities. Please banish the thought from your imagination right now because I’m sure it was not a pretty sight. At that time, the man driving a car stopped me in mid run and complimented me on my so called asset (no, not the back part). I thanked him, continued on my run, but this guy kept following me. I had to do some evasive maneuvers by running down some streets in the opposite direction of where he was driving, and just in case he was able to track me down, I headed towards a police substation in the neighborhood. Thankfully, I was able to lose him. I bought my first of several pepper spray canisters after that incident.

Now back to the present and another case of a car which appeared to be stalking me. When the guy rolled down his window, he called out my name! Well I’ll be darned if it wasn’t my former co-worker from the mid 1990’s at a now defunct psychiatric hospital. I hadn’t seen him in more than a decade and only once briefly since that hospital closed, but I recognized him instantaneously even though he had lost a lot of weight since then. What a relief! It was not someone out to harass me after all. Ron M. and I worked together on the night shift for a few years and it was a good partnership. It was too bad that the hospital closed down because it was a good place to work. We exchanged a few updates about our lives and after giving him my phone number and email address, I went on to finish my run while he headed for his next appointment.

At least I wasn’t harassed this time and maybe because I don’t wear running tights anymore.

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The Sean said...

Another wonderful gift which running provided!