Wednesday, February 17, 2010

From Taiwan to Canada to Following Up on Previous Blogs

Great! Someone based in Taiwan has been posting comments on my blog which has pornographic links. It appears that way anyhow, even though the main page of the website doesn’t show nude women or men, it does show suggestive photos. I wouldn’t know what the Chinese characters mean and I’m not interested in translating them. For all I know it could be a Chinese dating site. On a positive note, some people from Canada has been reading my blog and posting some comments too. They are fellow runners with similar goals, ailments and love for running. To our friends from the North, thanks for reading and commenting, ey.
This blog received 53 hits last Monday, February 15. That’s quite substantial for me. My previous high was 52 a few weeks ago and that entry was about running. Monday’s entry had to do with my job and the problems we had with the electrically locked doors on the psych unit which malfunctioned.
Let me follow up on what happened that night. An electrician who works for the vendor of the electric doors showed up at about 3 A.M. to try to repair the circuits. We were told that another fuse had blown and he replaced it. However there were still some glitches and he spent another hour or so diagnosing the problem. We jokingly threatened to tie him in leather restraints if he didn’t fix the problem. It seems like he managed to work out a solution for now because there were no other incidents of the electrical control panel malfunctioning (see the previous entries here: and here: )
Do you think I should do an experiment? Should I tag one of my blog entries with words such as: sex, porn, nude, etc. Would I get a lot more hits? I’m betting it would work.
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