Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Unlocked Psych Unit

Well, we have some kind of emergency at work last night. Our electrically locked doors have lost power and any patient who has inclinations of running away can do so very easily. It’s about 1 A.M. so most if not all of them are asleep. All available nursing staff on the unit have been deployed to cover the units’ 5 exits. We can only hope that when the patients wake up, they won’t notice anything unusual so nobody tries to escape. In the meantime we shall keep our fingers crossed and maintain a high level of vigilance. It wouldn’t take much strength for a patient of decent size to overpower any one of use watching the doors. After all, if someone makes a good evasive move, he or she is out the door in a jiffy. Worse if a bunch of patients do it all at once. Our once locked unit is now an open psychiatric unit and even patients who are here against their will can now come and go as they please with little resistance. Welcome to the asylum. God Help Us!
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Noel DLP said...

The control panel for the locked doors are held together by rubber bands because it's that old and some of the switches don't work properly. The #1 switch is rewired to a makeshift push button and the #3 switch is rewired to #16.