Monday, February 22, 2010

My Second GPS Experience

About three weeks ago I wrote about my first automobile GPS experience, which wasn’t a good one. I have since returned the device to the manufacturer and they sent me a replacement last week. It was also refurbished like the first one and it even included an SD memory card which the previous owner probably forgot to remove. But first, let me tell you an error I made while returning the original unit. I misunderstood the verbal instructions given to me by customer service and instead of keeping the mounting device (the parts used to attach the unit to the car’s dashboard), I sent it back as well. So when I received the replacement unit, I didn’t have anything to attach it to my car with. It was back to exchanging emails with customer service and I was told that they would send me back the parts but I would have to pay Fedex for the shipment. What other choice did it have? Buying a new set of parts would have cost more than the shipment price, so I agreed to the terms of the company. A few days later and $10.00 poorer, I received the parts and was finally able to mount the GPS unit on my car. That didn’t stop me from trying to use the device beforehand though. I charged the battery, upgraded the software, set the device in the cup holder and off I went driving to and from work with it. Surprisingly, even though the unit was a couple of feet below the windshield, it detected the GPS satellites very well. I then programmed my home and a couple of other addresses into the unit, and on Saturday morning, took it through its paces again. I input the location where I was meeting a friend for a run, and later where the family had the surprise birthday for my aunt. This time the GPS unit hummed along and performed perfectly, and didn’t have the problem of it turning on and off unexpectedly like the first one. So now, despite having to pay for shipping back the first one and for getting back the missing parts, I’m quite happy with this second GPS experience. With the free SD memory card, I ended up breaking even. It’s a keeper! (***Read the original post here:

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