Thursday, August 5, 2010

L.A. River to Long Beach Shoreline

In case someone accidentally or randomly finds this “Thoughts About Life And Running” blog and wonders why I’m not writing about running, well, it’s because I have stopped running six weeks ago due to unrecoverable injuries to my ankles. I have turned to cycling to try to get my endorphin fix so most of the entries nowadays would be about my cycling misadventures.
Last Tuesday morning I almost fell with my bike on the street after not finding any space between a parked bus and cars coming from behind. I had to turn into a gas station and practically jumped off the bike because I was losing my balance. Well, I survived that near miss and proceeded to the Los Angeles River bike path. What a difference a few days made. On a recent weekend ride at the same location, there were a few cyclists and people running or walking. On Tuesday, there was hardly anyone and I was alone for most of the ride except for someone on a recumbent bike passing me.
On this day, I finally found the connection from the Los Angeles River path to the Long Beach shoreline bike path. You have weave around Shoreline Village and ride behind the delivery alley of The Yard House restaurant and cross over the parking lot to get on it. That extended the ride another three miles out to the corner of Ocean Boulevard and Bayshore Avenue. While on the Shoreline path, I witnessed a children’s lifeguard competition going on where they had to run 4 miles, then swim 2 miles. Very admirable! Otherwise the only remarkable thing that happened on this ride was that I had a few near swallows of flying bugs and insects. Oh, and also did my longest ride so far which was 25 miles. Perhaps when I can finally summon the courage to ride on the street, I could go much farther. What surprised me was that I didn’t bump into anyone I knew who were cycling, running, or walking. Maybe since it was a weekday, they had done it much earlier. If you had gotten this far, thanks for reading J.

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