Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why So Many Hits On This Blog?

A quick post about something strange happening to my blog. To borrow a phrase from the venerable Casey Kasem, “The hits just keep on coming”. I wonder why there were at least 82 hits on my blog on Sunday as of 6 P.M. Were there a lot of bored people clicking around the internet because they had nothing better to do on a nice summer day? I rarely check those stats any more so I was surprised that there was that many, when I usually get maybe 30 hits a day. I think my previous high was 51. Most of the hits were random but there was an unusually high count on the one I wrote about the evolution of Virgin Mobile phones and they were coming from different states. That was a curious development. The final count was for Sunday was 107 hits.
                Ok, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, it is still going around the country. People are hitting this blog post for whatever reason: . Maybe someone installed a code in website to hit this page automatically when someone does a search for Virgin Mobile. If only those readers can click on the ads, maybe I can earn a little money. No complaints here.

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