Friday, August 20, 2010

Thursday Ride, Flugtag, Garneau Shoes

I haven’t ridden my bike in a week and a half and on Thursday morning I headed back on my usual L.A. River Bike Path to Shoreline Village to Belmont Shore ride. While in Shoreline Village, I saw a lot of workers setting up for Saturday’s Red Bull Flugtag on Rainbow Harbor. You can find info on that here: .
Did my speed suffer from my lack of riding? Wait a minute, what speed? As they say in the American vernacular, “I ain’t got none! Dad gump it!” I appreciated the slightly cool air generated by the ride, although on the way back home going North, there was a definite change of temperature once I got past Pacific Coast Highway. It felt considerably warmer the farther away I got from the coast. Having not ridden since last week as previously mentioned, I expected my derriere to have lost some conditioning and start being sore again. To my surprise, that wasn’t the case and there was no soreness at all. Another thing missing from Thursday’s ride was horse poo. There was barely any on the path. Either it was cleaned earlier, or the horses got the day off, or they learned to use the litter.
I received the new Garneau cycling shoes in the mail on Friday, a day too late for Thursday’s ride. They’re fairly comfortable for walking but it sounds like the clippety-clop of a horse cantering, as most cycling shoes do when you walk on them. Those sounds might blend pretty well with the horse doo doo I encounter sometimes.

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