Monday, August 9, 2010

Let’s Talk About Cheap Wine

First, a disclaimer: I don’t know anything about what I’m about to talk about. I’m no wine expert and I don’t know the difference between fine wine and so-so wine. However, I occasionally drink cheap wine to aid digestion and to maintain healthy arteries (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!). Or maybe I drink wine as a night cap, or day cap. It gets me confused sometimes because of my work schedule. In fact, I’m not really sure why I drink wine. Here is an example of my lack of knowledge. I’ve always heard of rosé wine but I never knew what it was all about. After trying a cheap one, all I can say is that it tastes like blush wine, you know, the ones that usually come in a box.
These are some of the cheap wines I’ve tried: there is the Charles Shaw (two buck Chuck) from Trader Joe’s, Big Kahuna from Fresh and Easy, and more recently some Spanish wines called Saludas, also from Fresh and Easy Market. Since I don’t know good from terrible, let me just give you my impressions of the aforementioned wines. Charles Shaw seems decent and I think the best one that they have is the Pinot Grigio, while the other reds and whites, I barely tolerate. The Big Kahuna whites and reds taste downright nasty. The latest ones I’ve tried are the Saludas and I like the red, white and rosé because they appear to have lower alcohol content than the other two brands I mentioned. By the way, does it make a difference whether the bottles come with a cork or a twist off cap? Well, so far that is the extent of my wine drinking so I don’t know how more expensive wines taste compared to the ones above. At least it’s not Thunderbird or Carlo Rossi.
A hint of oak with raspberry (or insert any other fruit here), puleeze! Excuse me but I don’t have that kind of palate! Gargle and spit? Forget it! Why would I want to waste cheap wine?!
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Sophie-Chantal said...

I had 2 buck chuck last night for the first time in about 10 years. It wasn't bad! I figured I needed to find a better price solution for my glass a night. $14 bottles (or even $10, $7) start getting expensive. It's a pretty good everyday table wine!