Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Random Thoughts For August

After skipping the month of July, here are more uncategorized ideas filed under random thoughts.
One of the judges on SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance) last week mentioned that a performance reminded him of the movie Last Tango in Paris because it was so sexy. I have never watched that movie because at the time they showed it in our town, I was still underage. It was such a big deal at the time because of the sex scenes which was supposed to be very explicit. Out of curiosity, I found it on the web and got the opportunity to watch it. It had an interesting storyline to say the least and I didn’t know that Marlon Brando spoke French. Bernardo Bertolucci delivered his usual excellent direction. What didn’t really shock me were the nudity and sex scenes. Maybe it would have if I watched it in 1972, but compared to today’s overexposure to more explicit scenes, I found it rather mild.
What a summer we’ve been having so far. Most days have been cool and overcast in the mornings. Thursday night, I even had to use a regular blanket at night instead of the usual sheet I use in the summer. Friday morning, I went out for a bike ride in a long sleeved shirt and jacket and still felt chilly. Pardon me as I update this. The whole weekend I had to use a thermal blanket to sleep because of the cool nights.
Running is no longer in my vocabulary because it has disappeared from the repertoire of my physical activities. I seem to hear about a few injured runners lately and one of them whose friends are probably non-runners suggested that he buy an elliptical trainer to save his knees. Well speaking from experience, you may find other exercises that can mimic the energy expenditure of running by working out at the same intensity, but the heady feeling that you get from running will never be duplicated. I saw a picture of him running last weekend contrary to his doctors’ and friends’ advice.
The hits on the blog post about the evolution of Virgin Mobile Phones have kept coming and I reached a new high on Monday of 135 hits which is 105 more than usual. Whoever you are out there who made this possible, thank you very much.

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