Monday, August 23, 2010

Riding To Nowhere

Feeling a little bit better on Sunday, I had to make up for the aborted workout on Saturday and did an hour and half stationary bike ride while reading the newspaper. In the past couple of weeks I have done two 1 ½ hour rides on the upright stationary bike. The longest I can remember doing that was in 1980 when I was still working at the CDCP employees’ gym in Makati, Manila where I was the fitness trainer. While rehabilitating from my first running injury (I just started running that year), I had done a couple of two hour rides. You wouldn’t believe what reading materials I had that enabled me to ride that long: Playboy and Penthouse magazines that clients left for the gym staff!
I wore the new Louis Garneau cycling shoes and they felt okay other than because of the shape of the sole, your center of gravity shifts slightly backwards. I would liken the feeling to those rocker Skecher shoes with the concave shaped soles which are supposed to burn more calories when you walk on them because they engage more muscles.
It appears that the malaise I was feeling on Saturday can be attributed to a slight increase in blood pressure. I didn’t check it Saturday morning but did so on Sunday and noticed the difference from the usual norm, although it wasn’t abnormally high. Time to cut back a bit on the 32 oz. a day coffee habit.
This has nothing to do with the workout, but later on Sunday, I watched an English movie which was dubbed in Chinese and in turn came with English subtitles. That was weird. Can you imagine John Cusack speaking Chinese?

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