Saturday, August 21, 2010

With A Yuck Yuck Here and a Yuck Yuck There

Here, there, everywhere, yuck yuck.
In other words, what a yucky and miserable day of running it was for me. I woke up feeling out of sorts and it didn’t get any better later. Maybe it was the self imposed stress of performing well in addition to having a hard time deciding whether to wear the new shoes or the older ones. In the end I wore the old ones because as I was on my way to the car to meet with the AREC group, my left Achilles tendon started to hurt while wearing the new shoes. This made me more tense and hurried and when that happens, my lingering dizziness gets worse. I didn’t get much of a warm up due to getting there almost late, but my legs and ankles felt pretty good and bouncy at the outset. Maybe I would be able to do 8 to 12 miles after all. But it was too soon to be presumptuous because by the time I passed 2 miles I was already feeling lightheaded. I made it to the first water stop at 3 miles, turned around to retrace my steps to the finish area, doing more walking than running. It took so much effort trying to stay conscious due to the lightheadedness. Did I start out too fast on a warmer day? Maybe I did, based on my current level of conditioning. Last weeks’ 9 miles must have just been a fluke, with assistance from over enthusiasm and adrenaline. As I write this several hours later, I don’t feel any much better. I thought it was dehydration or the decreased food intake the last few days, but I’m not sure anymore. During Thursdays’ bike ride and on Friday I felt ok, but it sucked waking up Saturday morning feeling crummy, especially when I was eagerly anticipating running with the AREC training group again. Even my hellos to my friends Linda, Cyndi, and Sophie were so unenthusiastic because of the way I felt. Sorry about that ladies. When I feel this way you can see it through my crestfallen face and the absence of my smile, and believe me, I hate that feeling. Whatever endorphins my body managed to manufacture in those 6 miles of running and walking wasn’t enough to offset the low serotonin level I had. I hope tomorrow is a better day. In fact, I insist on it.

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