Friday, April 16, 2010

Experimenting With Dish Soap

For several years now I’ve been using Sunsations, Rinso, or Ajax brand soaps to do my dishes. I’ve read from a magazine, newspaper, or internet article awhile ago about people who cut their expenses by using dish soap as shampoo and it works just as well to clean hair (I've never tried it). The brands I mentioned above are the cheap kind and in turn they are very watery and don’t lather too well. You have to use more to be able to cut the grease from the dishes. So I had a “what if” moment when there was a sale on cheap shampoo a couple of weeks ago. Since shampoo is thicker than the dish soaps I use, would it work just as well to clean dishes? Cheap shampoo when on sale costs about the same for the same fluid volume as cheap dish soap. After all, they have the same basic ingredients, right? So I decided to give it a try. Thinner dish soap = more drops or thicker shampoo = lesser drops. Well, doggone it, shampoo works just as well if not better than dish soap in removing oil and grease from dishes! And you end up saving money because you have to use lesser of it. Not only that, your dishes smell better because there are more varieties of scents that shampoos come in. Most dish soaps only have lemon scent or unscented. My conclusion: cheap shampoo works better than cheap dish soap for washing dishes.
I know it sounds weird and I don’t know how many people have tried it, but I may be using shampoo to wash my dishes from now on. Would you dare to give it a try?

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The Sean said...

I like to use conditioner on my dishes. It makes them silky and smooth:)

Seriously... I think you are onto something. I don't see what harm could come from this really? Though I am no expert on soap.

Noel DLP said...

@Sean, I haven't experienced tangles with my dishes yet, so I don't need conditioner. Shampoo has worked great so far because I have to use lesser of it. Thanks for commenting :)

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