Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On The Brink Of Another Disaster

Because I’ve been doing some interval workouts in midweek, my cruising speed for the long runs has improved somewhat but to the detriment of my ankles which don’t recover fast enough. I’ve been pushing them to the brink this past couple of weeks and it seems like it has finally caught up with me. Going into the last two miles of Saturday’s run with Cyndi, I felt a sharp pain on my right inner ankle and I started to drag that foot the rest of the way because I could not push off from with it. Although the pain came and went, I didn’t like the way it felt. I cannot run hard two of the three days that I run in a week anymore or else my ankle tendons suffer. I like the feeling of being able to make a hard effort but my ankles usually disagree with me.
I wanted to run Monday morning but I had to find an excuse not to do so. First my ankles were still achy from last Saturday’s run and second the weather outside looked wet and dreary. Not only that, because I’ve been compensating with my left leg, my knee hurts slightly too. So I needed to pull myself back from the brink of another disaster and give my joints a break from the pounding, so I worked out on the elliptical machine instead. I was watching a French movie titled “Le Premier Cercle” and that kept me distracted even during the hard part of the programmed workout. After an hour on the elliptical, I did another twenty minutes on the recumbent bike to finish the movie.
After taking a couple of days off to make my ankles recover, I dared myself to run on Tuesday afternoon. The first few tentative steps didn’t give me too much discomfort even though I was mostly supporting my weight with my left leg, so that was a good sign that I didn’t tear the right ankle tendon again. You cannot imagine how appreciative I was for being able to do an hour of the 4 minute run with 1 minute walk workout. Thank goodness for the little things which bring great satisfaction.

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