Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sleep, Run, and Dentist Day

What a cold and windy spring day. I almost wore gloves while I was out for my run. Apparently I recovered pretty well from my “too tired to care” day yesterday ( The lower intensity combination/variable workout yesterday probably helped too since I was able to do some road intervals where I picked up the pace every few minutes. While I thought that the wind was bad at 8:30 a.m. it got worse the rest of the day. Other than having to spend an hour in the dentist chair, I spent the rest of the day home.
The last few times I visited the dentist, I’ve been getting anxious and my blood pressure would rise. I told the dentist that it was not the fear of the needle, drill, or pain that made me anxious. It was having my blood pressure checked that did. When I check it at home, it’s normal and even low at times. Once I think about going to the dentist, it starts rising. It’s almost like performance anxiety and I find it hard to relax when those thoughts pervade my mind.
I’ve been taking my MP3 player to the dentist lately to listen to audio books so I can relax and decrease my anxiety level while they’re doing my treatment. Unfortunately, listening to it is not working very well because when the drill starts whirring, it drowns out whatever I’m listening to. Nevertheless, whatever parts I can hear helps distract me from the procedure the dentist is doing. So I’d say the technique works 50/50. Since I had a good run today, I’m sure that helped keep my serotonin levels high too.
Good sleep last night + a good run + getting a dental treatment out of the way without my BP shooting too far up made for a good day.

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