Thursday, April 29, 2010

How Will You Run Today?

None of the usual guidelines of training applies when you are permanently injured. Hills, intervals, tempo runs, long runs, and plyometric exercises (example above)? Forget about it! Those were things you might have been able to do when you were not in pain. You can try, and you might get faster momentarily but you end up worsening your injuries sooner or later. So why is there still a constant need to improve aerobic capacity and endurance when you just end up in pain that derails your running? You’ve accepted that you have gotten much slower in recent years and only because your injuries keep you from achieving what you think your cardiovascular system can still do. You can only modify your natural stride so much before other imbalances appear. It feels more like “will your PTTD plagued ankles allow you to run today, and what about next time if there is one?”. Yet despite everything you go through, you still persist because it is the one thing that you love doing. When I say “you”, I really mean “me”.

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