Monday, April 19, 2010

Gooing My Running Shoes

This has nothing to do with goos or gels that runners and other endurance athletes ingest to maintain their energy levels. I’ve been looking for Shoe Goo to try to repair my running shoes because I wear out the heel edge of the outsoles so quickly even though the midsoles still offer support. Shoe Goo used to cost $1.00 when I first came to the U.S. When I last checked with Runner’s High Store, they were selling it for $8.00 so I checked around and called a few shoe repair shops. The closest one sold them for five dollars but they were out of stock and wouldn’t be getting any more for three weeks. The next one named Jack’s Shoe Repair, the man who answered the phone asked me how many gallons I wanted. Gallons? That confused me. I didn’t know Shoe Goo was sold in gallons. I told him I just needed a tube. Turns out he was pulling my leg. He was selling them for $6.75. Good enough.
I’ve been wearing out the soles of my running shoes too quickly this past couple of years. That means my stride has gotten heavier and more unbalanced with all the aches and pains I’m having with my ankles. So instead of buying new shoes, I thought I’d try Shoe Goo first because it was worked pretty well in the past. Two of my most recent Brooks Addictions with the most worn soles were to be my test shoes. I slathered a coat of the goop on the shoes and left them to dry. The next day, I checked the shoes and as to be expected with thick liquid products, they follow gravity so my first coating was not enough. I put some tape on the edges of the heels to make a barrier so the goo doesn’t flow over, then put on a second coating. When I checked the next day, the tape had done its job and the shoes were more level. I’m going to let the goo cure and dry for a couple more days before I try running in those shoes.
With the amount of Shoe Goo I’ve used, I almost finished the whole tube. I should have listened to the old man at Jack’s Shoe Repair and bought a gallon instead.

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